Thursday, 4 June 2015

New VN!

I'm working closely on a VN right now, but it's still pretty early to announce the project. Anyway, I don't have any intention to make a WIP thread just yet. Our group is pretty much set up already, except for BG and CG artist, but I think we'll manage. If we need more help, I'll post in the recruitment thread, I guess. Problem is, I haven't organized the group yet. I've really been too busy since NaNoReNo. I feel bad for my team. ;-; Even now, the common route's progress is very, very slow, although I've tried to finish them all. It's almost done, but... *sigh* How do I write stories? Lel. *rolls down the stairs* I swear I'll finish it within this week. I'm sorry I've kept the others waiting. ;-; I'll also post up group updates and stuff when I'm not too busy. This week. Yes, this week. Gosh, I procrastinate a lot! *gets shot*

I've been feeling light-headed since last week. Even after a week, I lose too much blood. I know women have 'that' every month, and I do too. It's just that, this one is much worse than the ones I've had before. Even after a week, I still get stomach cramps and stuff. Also, it's still heavy. Ugh, I just wanna curl down and sleep instead or work now. >.o Sorry, I'm just cranky at the moment.

I haven't played Chain Chronicles for a few days, and I'm having withdrawal syndrome, lol. I can't seem to download the update from 1Mobile or anywhere else. Maybe it's a sign to buy a new phone. *sigh*

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Unplanned AMOUR is out!

And kudos for the very, very late NaNoReNo entry, lol. :'D I'm pretty sad that we couldn't make it in time, but with the release of the full game last Saturday, I'm glad that we can finally make the game see light. To be honest, I had thought of not continuing the work (not stopping it entirely, just not wanting to work on it for a while), but I was also excited on finishing it. There were some writing problems by the end of March. It was supposed to be done by then, but there were some inevitable circumstances, I guess.

I did all of the writing, while Meyismyname proofread everything. Without her, there will be too many unimaginable errors, so I'm grateful for her. :D Mashiro-chi is our artist, and she takes care of sprites and CGs. Her art is so cute; I actually adore them all, even the mother, lol. I'll always be thanful for her for taking the time to create them, even though she had tests. She was the first one I recruited to the group, and I'm really glad that she sticks out to the end. :D The programmer is octacon100, and he has helped out a lot. He has a game in progress too, and I'm really get I could get help from him. Without him, the game is basically a no-go, so I'm thankful. :'D I can't program myself, for the life of me, especially GUI. >.<

Our guest musician is BlueWolfie, and while he isn't directly involved with the group, he has helped me to create original music tracks for the game, and solely for the game. For free. :'D I'll always be grateful for his service. I actually like the music tracks. The main menu and credits's music are by him, and one of the music used in the game is also a variation of the music that he creates. I can't thank him enough for agreeing to make music for my first VN. To be honest, I'm honoured. :'D

All in all, it was a great experience. To think back, this is the first official released VN for me. :D I'm happy that we've made it this far. I read some of the comments already. I acknowledge my mistakes and I will try to create better VNs in the future, especially with the dialogue. I...tend to get carried away sometimes. xD

Without all of these people involved, I don't think I can release the game. Thank yous to all of them for their cooperation, I had a really fun time doing this VN. :D And thank you to people who play it and enjoy it. It's intended to be a lighthearted, cute VN. :3

Aside from LSF, it's also available for download at So if romance is your cup of tea, be sure to check it out, and I hope you'll enjoy it, :D

On another note, I'm in the middle of creating another VN. I'm not one to create WIP thread just yet; I want to at least show people something other than just ideas. So I won't be making a WIP thread soon. But I hope people will enjoy it too. I'll do my best! :3

Friday, 27 March 2015

NaNoReNo '15

It's the last 4 days of NaNoReNo '15, and I'm crossing my fingers, hoping we can all make it in time. But judging by how things are going right now, I'd say we need another week before we can actually finish the game. I personally don't mind it that much; I can see our efforts. :D I've actually never finished any of my stories because, well, I'm always procrastinating. It's not a good thing though. ;-; So that's why I'm kinda proud of myself for completing two characters' routes! Go me! XD

As of now, the game's progress is:

Story: 85% (two guys' routes finished, and one is underway)
Sprites: 100% :D
CGs: 20% (planned scenes, will get back to this)
GUI: 100% :D
Programming: 50% (I say 50% because some stories are coded already)
Music: 70% (two routes are finished, pending one route)
SFX: 70% (two routes are finished, pending one route)
BGs: 70% (two routes are finished, pending one route)

Here's a teaser for the game:

Loving the sprites, so adorable. :3

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


My tablet is dead, so all of those precious things that I have inside are all gone, nuuuuuu~ T_T I'm so sad. There are lots of pictures that I haven't backed up yet. I will also miss my games. My contacts too. My stories. My ideas. All gone, noooooo! ;-; Well, I'm not sure yet, but it looks like I need to reset the phone, so that means I have to format my tablet, which means that I'll probably lose all of those important data, nooooooooo~ D':

The tab's been switching on and off all by itself since an hour ago, so I'm just waiting for it to be completely dead. Let it drain its own battery. I just hope after I open it next time, a miracle will happen and I don't have to reset my tablet. So sad.

For now I'm using my company's cell phone to contact my family since I'm at work at the moment. Thank God I'm one of those who actually remembers important contact numbers. :'D If not, I don't know what I'll do to get back, since I'm the only one at work. :'D

Be well, my phone, I need you badly. :'D

Friday, 6 March 2015

Humanity and Trust

*sigh* Today has been stressful for me. It's one thing after another. I don't usually succumb to stress, but I lose myself today. I feel very pressured. Naturally, I'm quite a calm and positive girl, but sometimes life just gets too much. I feel angry. I feel sad. I feel disappointed. You know one thing that I value? It's trust. And once you lose it, you lose it for real. There's no turning back. Sure you can amend your ways, but it will never be the same.

You know why sometimes people are too bitter? It's mostly because they've trusted someone before, but often too many times, they are betrayed until they just can't take it anymore. It's sad, but that's the world we live in. It's too suffocating. And you know what, I'm used to it, even though it hurts. :'D

And another thing, I really loathe people who ask for help, and when we ask for help from them, they just don't care. Completely. Don't people have conscience anymore? I mean, I'm one of those people who always try to return the favour. Apparently some people are just there to take advantage of you. It's sad. And again, I'm used to it, even though it hurts, hurts pretty badly. :'D

But what do I know? I'm just an insignificant person living in a large world. So small is my existence. *sigh*

And what is this? My Twitter account got hacked by a girl. I mean, can this day get any worse? *sigh*

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Finally! :D

I beat that Maxwell in Brave Frontier, and now I'm off to beat Cardes. *fingers crossed* But before that, I will do Prosperity Dungeon and create new sphere. Sigh, wish I can buy gems and expand item and unit limits. Then there's Chain Chronicle too. It's got a new demon dungeons again, and I'm aiming for at least level 50 (which I know is hard x_x).

Without further ado, here's the logo requested for Godline in LSF. Requested for two versions, so here's the two versions. Tell me what you think in LSF's PM. :)

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Why so hard??!! T_T

I've just finished playing Brave Frontier. I was trying to defeat Maxwell on Trial 003. I'm still weeping in defeat. *sobsob* T_T I tried to count turns but I ended up getting too distracted. I even used turn counts too. *sigh* But all in all, it's a good experience. I'll try beating Maxwell again when I have the time and energy to do so. I'm too much of a procrastinator, lol. I need to strengthen my units first though and get all the stronger spheres. I have all of Grand Gaia Chronicles' spheres except for Magress's Leomurg. Gonna try beating him soon, just not up for it for now.

I like playing Chain Chronicle too, but the game is even harder to beat. Even main quests are almost impossible except if you have 4 or 5 stars units. I have no 5 stars unit except for Katarith. Others are 4 stars or 3 stars units, and my party cost is too low, which means that I can't bring stronger units unless I level up. Heck, leveling up is hard too. *_* If I'm too lazy, I'll not play the game anymore. There are many others that I can play anyway.

On another note, I decided to have SchematicMind on Android. It's pretty good to stay organized with my ideas. I use it for my story. So far, I have one story that has completed path using the app, but it's not the one that I'm working on my laptop. It's the story in my tab. I guess I really should focus on one story at a time for now. I'm still working on my story but it's going really, really slow. >.>

Also guys, check out this composer named Peter Crowley. He's a French composer and a very good one too. I like the fantasy themed music that he created. These two guys, Derek and Brandon Fiechter, are excellent too. Best part is they can be contacted if you're planning to collaborate or pay them to compose songs and music. I'm not up for it for now but they have nice music, so if I'm richer (I wish *_*), I would want to have music composed by them for my games.

I haven't played VNs that I downloaded in a while. I should play it but I can't because I've been too busy these days. I'll play again this weekend. Now off to continue working again. *sigh*